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KD Max is professional cabinet design software tailored for kitchen shops and all kinds of cabinet manufacturers. Estimated project time is only 15 minutes!

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Software Prices


Haks Software

For one year  

Only Software

Rs. 35000/- (Including Taxes)

Only Training

Rs. 20000/- (Including Taxes)

With Training(16 hrs)

Rs. 55000/- (Including Taxes)

Perpetual License
*(Valid for 5 Years Only)

Only Software

Rs. 90000/- (Including Taxes)

Only Training

Rs. 20000/- (Including Taxes)

With Training(16 hrs)

Rs. 110000/- (Including Taxes)


Full of advantages

Intuitive and userfriendly interface

KD Max intuitive interface designed for users comfort and allows even beginners to cope with.

Building of furniture based on predefined bodies

KD Max users receive a lot of finished models of furniture bodies, for faster furnishing of any room.

Smart worktop design

With one clik, worktop can be generated auto-matically. Users can also design and modify worktop freely with our powerful functions and library.

Installation check and real-time dimension

All cabinetes in KD Max are built with accurate dimension and can be modified by parameters settings. After a design is finished, with cabinet installation check and real-time dimension functions, user can double check to avoid mistakes

Photorealistic rendering

KD Max offers one of the best quality of visualizationon on the market.

Lightning setting

With innovative dynamic light set, you can set light type, watts, direction and spred. In addition, you can get IES light effect and natural sunlight effect such as morning, night fall and night.

KD Max

Professional program for designing kitchens, kitchen furniture and cabinets.

Fast & Photorealistic Rendering

KD Max allows you to create photorealistic visualizations very fast. High quality visualization is a proven way to attract and increase the interest of potential customers.

Massive & Complete Library

KD Max features an abundant library of cabinetes, doors, accessories and other disgn elements, witch can help users finalize design quickly.

Working Drawing % Quotation can be Generated Automatically

No more complicated and manual quotation is needed with KD Max. Once a design is finished, KD Max will generate accurate quotation as per user’s requirement.

Matchless Technical Support

Purchasing KD Max you get free fast and timeless support.


Visualization made in KD Max

System Requirements

Haks Software

To reveal possibilities KD Max is no need of expensive and modern workstation

We've built Zigo with a very precise objective which is to help both young and established companies in their sales and marketing efforts.

OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8; 64bit 32bit

CPU: Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon or faster

RAM: 1GB or more

DVDROM: 8x or faster

Video Card: deticated OpenGL, True Color, 512 Mb video memory (1 GB video memory recomended)

Monitor: Resolution of at least 1024 x 768

Internet connection is required to download models and updates


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