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What Is Ceramic King ?

Specially designed for showroom salesman of ceramic tile, sanitary ware and other building materials, Ceramic King is a very user-friendly and intelligent tool for design, communication and sale.Ceramic King helps users present their products more attractively in vivid 3D scenes, allow customers to visualize the actual effect of house decoration in advance, and increase showroom sales.

Functions & Features

Haks Software

Simpler interface, greater experience

Simple but clear commands lead to easy and friendly operating experience. When you start Ceramic King, you will be asked to select design space first, and select the design style. After that,all the models, lighting, and other materials will be shown according to the space and style chosen. Guided by clear commands, space design has never been so EASY!

All the models, lighting, and other materials will be shown according to the space and style chosen.

Haks Software

Create Your own ceramic tile library

There are more than 3,000 ceramic tiles in the library of Ceramic King. Furthermore, you can build your own tile library by yourself.By taking photos of your tiles, scanning tiles or downloading tile pictures from supplier website, you can add the tile picture into Ceramic King and present 3D design with your own tiles.

Haks Software

Various tilling plans, flexible design

More than 200 kinds of editable tiling plans can help you meet customers’ design needs in an easier way.

Haks Software

Optimized interface, visual presentation

Click to choose one tile or a tiling pattern, and the real effect can be visualized. Tiling design becomes easier.

Haks Software

Bigger library, easier design

More than 6,000 well-edited models will help you make a design proposal in a quicker and easier way.

Haks Software

Easier 3D modelling, more flexible design

In Ceramic King, there are more than 200 decorative structuremodels likeniche, platform, wall panel, angular line and waistline which can make you design more flexibly.

Furthermore, you can also use “modelling” function to create some special structure such as platform, decorative wall and decorative ceiling and so on.

Haks Software

Tilling process slotted and Tilling process-chamfer

By just ONE click, rendering, quotation, elevation drawing, plan drawing and cutting brick list canalsobe generated automatically by one click.


Visualization made in CERAMIC KING


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